Bald Strong Mona Foundation

About Us

This Foundation is all about Spreading  Alopecia Awareness and Supporting those who live with this disease. So many people are still unaware of what Alopecia is, and unaware that is is not Cancer and is not Contagious. Sadly, there are so many people living unhappily with this disease. Bald Strong Mona Foundation, just like its namesake, is all about being strong and helping. Whether it's just a word of encouragement, a much needed hug, or help financing a brand new wig for someone who needs it. BSM Foundation, is  supported by Alopecia Awareness merchandise sales and Donations. We have worked with many generous people to get this Foundation started. We hope to grow in our first year, to Not only make monthly donations to NAAF.ORG (National Alopecia Areata Foundation), but to Also fund and provide financing for custom wigs for any Alopecian who needs one. Our goal in 2017 is at Least one wig per month. 

BSM Foundation

1.888.265.BSMF (2763)

PO Box 681521, Houston TX 77268